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Zombie Democrats: OMG like, Donald Trump is LITERALLY Adolf Hitler

By Jack Allen

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 5.11.17 PMStalin and his mass murdering Bolshevik Jews killed over 100 million mostly Christian people before WW2 and killed 16 million innocent Germans after WW2. Zionist Jews have killed millions upon millions by pushing Zionist Wars but people are so brain washed with the Nazi, Hitler propaganda they have zero clue to see reality. If people don’t wake this planet is done. The Racist Zionists have undeclared nukes and think all non-Jews are less than animals. These crazy freaks crawled out of Hell and people don’t freaking see it.

There are lots of people including good Jews that know the truth. Some are afraid to speak up, but for humanities sake we all must. But the world is so full of brain-washed zombies, watch the video below.

WESTERN DRUG COMPANIES TESTED PRODUCTS ON EAST GERMANS DURING COLD WAR – REPORT Russian soldiers systematically humiliated the Germans in 1945 by raping large numbers of women, many of them repeatedly. Soviets raped an estimated two million women and girls in East Germany alone immediately after occupation.[1] Naimark states that not only did each victim have

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