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US Government’s Racist Ally Israel Arrests Little Children, Sentences 7 Palestinian Kids To Prison.

On Wednesday, an Israeli court sentenced a group of Palestinian children to time in prison. The verdict comes as Israeli authorities are already criticized over ill-treatment of Palestinian kids during detention and interrogation periods. When you buy products marked with a “U”, “K” or other Kosher tax marks you may help fund this Satanic evil.

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Zionists and Demonic Jews are the biggest mass murderer of all time. Save Humanity stop these Satanist Nuts before they kill the entire world. Zionists are from Hell. Stalin’s Bolshevik Jews mass murdered over 100 Million mostly Christian people before WW2 and killed 16 Million Innocent German children, women and men after WW2 and we still hear the Lies about the Holocaust.

Realed Video: Israelis torturing non-Jewish children. Australian documentary film. Viewer discretion.

Gruesome Allegations: Israeli Forces Routinely Shoot...

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Did Israel Do 9/11?
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