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Illuminati Billboard Awards 2016
Bizarre Oddities: Gender Benders And The
Billboard Music Awards 2016 Exposed!
Mark Dice
2016 Billboard Music Awards show secrets and symbolism analysis. The theme this year was Transgender with liberal propagandists and Illuminati puppets
Demi Lovato,
Britney Spears,
Rihanna, and others dancing to the tune of their Satanic puppet masters and
Hollywood elite insiders.



Demi Lovato BILLBOARD MUSIC AWARDS 2016 Performance Transgender Propaganda Illuminati Analysis

Demi Lovato performed her song ”
Cool for the Summer” at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards, which is a lesbian-themed love song about her sexually experimenting with her girl friends for fun. She also wore a Transgender shirt to promote protest the ban on Transgender Bathrooms in North Carolina. Media analyst
Mark Dice has the story!


Britney Spears BILLBOARD MUSIC AWARDS 2016 Performance Illuminati Ritual Analysis & Review


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