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The New Red Terror? Is The Media So Afraid Of Calling Out The Evils Of George Soros Because He Is Jewish?

By Jack Allen

The Anti-Semetic card has been played so well that some people are afraid even to call out epic crimes against their own nation because of this scheme it seems. Look what recently happened at Fox News.

Voltaire said it best — ‘To learn who rules over you simply look to those you cannot criticize’

and ‘Cherish Those Who Seek The Truth But Beware Of Those Who Find It!’

Click On Video To Watch: Bill O’Reilly on Fox News’ Awkward George Soros Moment

Read More: https://www.billoreilly.com/b/Bill-OReilly-on-Fox-News-Awkward-George-Soros-Moment/341877939176847900.html

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