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Always Remember Controlled Media Covered Up Jimmy Savile’s Pedophile Crimes And Child Trafficking Network For Decades

Jewish Pro Zionist Jimmy Savile's Pedophile Crimes.
Jewish Pro Zionist Jimmy Savile’s Pedophile Crimes.

The BBC, which sheltered, protected and covered up Jimmy Savile’s pedophile crimes and child trafficking network for decades, just released a hit piece on the PizzaGate story, calling it “the fake story that shows how conspiracy theories spread”.. Meanwhile, paid trolls are out in force calling PizzaGate a “psyop” filled with “fake documents”. So let’s set the record straight here and now: The #PizzaGate investigation has already provided tangible PROOF of a GLOBAL child trafficking and pedophilia network..


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Video Below: A Good Reason to avoid foods marked Kosher. If you see a “U” in a circle or other Kosher Tax Marks on something you are looking to buy I say put it back on the self and avoid these products, unless you are a Satanist and enjoy Satanic evil.
Jewish rabbi blames children for pedophilia

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