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Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 7.16.28 PMCased Closed? Michelle Fields and Ben Shapiro, The Big Zionist Lie Against Donald Trump?
Video Evidence of Trump’s attack on Michelle Fields

Did The Washington Post Lie About The Michelle Fields Incident?


#GrabGate Victim Michelle Fields Lied – Ben Shapiro and Anti-Trump Media Duped…



In March of 2010 Democrats made up a story of representative Emanuel Cleaver being spat upon by Tea Party opposition as the Democrats made their way through capitol hill to finish the final votes on ObamaCare.

There were thousands of people in the area, hundreds of cameras rolling simultaneously, there was absolutely no evidence of any “spitting incident“.  To highlight the ridiculous allegation Andrew Breitbart offered $100k to anyone for evidence, because he knew there wasn’t any.

No-one spat upon Cleaver, the story was made up to feed a media narrative.

Pelosi Gavelmichelle fields

Fast forward almost exactly six years (to the day) later, and bear witness to an almost identical, and just as nonsensical, claim only this time it’s from a reporter, Michelle Fields, claiming Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski grabbed her arm and violently threw her to the ground.  The incident has become known as #GrabGate.

Like the spittle in #SpitGate, the “grabbing and throwing” took place with hundreds of people witnessing, dozens of cameras rolling, and yet no-one saw this horribly violent, and according to Michelle Fields “emotionally disturbing” incident.

Together with the Washington Post, Ms. Fields quick ran to the microphones to sell her story.  According to media (Megyn Kelly), Ms Fields filed assault charges in Dade County Florida over the beating she took at the hands of Mr. Lewandowski.

media fraud

However, the story, as ridiculous as it seems, was fuel for the anti-Trump crowd who would prefer a Rubio, Kasich or Cruz nomination.  So with the goal of using the incident to tarnish the Trump campaign, Ms. Fields became a useful tool.

Ben Shapiro, a paid shrill for the Wilks Brothers (via Daily Wire), was one of those who began calling for Mr. Lewandowski to be fired.  All of the paid-to-promote Cruz-sellers and Rubio-sellers in the corporate content media began the pearl-clutching routine decrying the brutality of the Donald Trump campaign manager.

Oh – The – Humanity !

Except they have a problem.

Ms. Fields, like Mr. Cleaver in 2010, made the entire thing up.

Here’s the video:

trump dr phil shrug

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