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Censoring Freedom Of Speech Is A Bad Business Model, Twitter Recruits Crazed Feminist to Police Free Speech
Twitter Recruits Crazed Feminist to Police Free Speech
By Jack Allen

Twitter has recruited a feminist who thinks “everything is racist” and that criticizing feminism is hate speech to police its content.

Replacing “men” with “Jews” in feminist Anita Sarkeesian’s tweets is quite revealing… Feminism Is Jewish Social Marxism Commissar Anita Sarkeesian educates us all in the message of the Jewish Marxism gospel.

Anita Sarkeesian: “everything is sexist, everything is racist, everything is homophobic” She summed up what Jewish Marxism’s entire gospel is. Divide and conqueror on every line. Destroy the host society and by any means and then institute Communist narrative to impose Jewish control over us and make a Jewish world.

Feminism is part of Jewish Communism. And Communism is Judaism as the Jews tell us themselves. We see this in their original blue print the Jewish Bible.

Divide the Goyim against everyone and everything even themselves.

She is a Godless Zionist supremacist that is why she is pushing Satanic Jewish Communism. She reminds me of one of Stalin’s mass murdering Zombie Bolshevik Jews that killed over 66 million Christians in Zionist Occupied Russia before WW2. It all starts with an agenda of control.

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