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Israel Is Fighting Your War BSScary! Israeli Propaganda Group Caught Manipulating Animation Film: Israel Is Fighting Your War BS

Israel Is Fighting Your War

Discourse Analysis by Gilad Atzmon

In this hasbara film (Israel Is Fighting Your War), a Jewish giant attempts to save European civilisation.

Now Israel is embarrassed by this 3D animation and has put much effort into removing it from youtube. The producers of this film (http://www.hallelu.co.il/) no longer present the video on their site.

In the video, a powerful Jewish giant struggles to save Europe from Islamic invasion. Eventually the giant gives up and lets Europe be squashed.

The truth is slightly different. The entire mess in the Middle East that has led to an immigration tsunami and millions of displaced refugees is the direct outcome of Israeli warmongering, relentless prowar Jewish lobbying (AIPAC, CFI, CRIFF, etc) and Zionist driven neocon immoral interventionist wars. It is Israel and the Jewish lobby that are directly responsible for the havoc in the Middle East and beyond.

However, in the Hasbara video, the colossus Jew attempts to save Europe from Isis and Islam. In an act of heroic self-sacrifice the giant Jew puts his life on the line and locates itself between Isis and Europe.

In the video the Jew is an ultra powerful stone-like character and Europe is hopeless and defenceless: but then why do the Hasbara merchants constantly complain that Jews are victims of European anti-Semitism? It would be helpful if the Hasbara Jews would decide whether the Jew is a victim or a super-hero.

The film portrays Isis as disinterested in Israel. The Isis bouncing stone skips over Israel. It aims at Europe. Actually, I would expect Israel to be targeted by the Islamic State. This is clearly not the case in the hasbara film. You may want to ask why.

The Israelis understand now that the video reflects badly on the Jewish State and Jews in general. In the hasbara film the Jew colossus rock is a vengeful character and untrustworthy. He allows the Isis stone to squash little Europe into oblivion. Bizarrely the hasbara message to Europe is clear – never trust the Star of David.

Update: the film is not an Israeli product. It was made originally by Portland animation studio HouseSpecial (see bellow). It was a none political innocent promotional clip. It was then vandalised by the Israeli Hasbara team at hallelu.co.il/who added a star of david to the giant, the Israeli flag, the isis reference etc. The Hasbara merchants at hallelu.co.il/ didn’t credit the creators of the film. The Jewish State stole Palestine, it plundered the houses and the land, it stole the humus and the falafel. I guess that the Infringement of copyright of an American young animation company by Israel shouldn’t take us by surprise.

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