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The Talmud And Nuclear HolocaustIsraeli Ownership Of The US Government, Jewish Supremacy, The Talmud And Nuclear Holocaust

Video: Freedom Activist Ken O’Keefe: Topics include: the nefarious workings of the state, freedom and self ownership, US purveyors of violence, the shattering of illusions and dawning truth leads to the attempt to renounce US citizenship, on the run from the state, Max Igan and Palestine, Gaza, people take their lives in their hands by speaking out, those who speak up are imprisoned and tortured, absolutely vital to speak truth to power, US congress is treasonous and entirely unconstitutional, attempting to initiate world war three, the truth about Iran, the people are sick and tired of war and are waking up in droves but we are responsible and we need to effect the change, the Israeli ownership of the US government.

Zionism, Jewish supremacy the Talmud and nuclear holocaust, it is imperative to stop the funding of mass murder.


eBOOK: The Talmud Unmasked – The Secret Rabbinical Teachings Concerning Christians

“The Talmud Unmasked – The Secret Rabbinical Teachings Concerning Christians.”


TalmudOriginally published in 1892, this book is a synopsis of important passages from the Talmud, a pamphlet so short that anyone can easily read through, compiled and written by an authority — Rev. I. B. Pranaitis, Professor of the Hebrew Language at the Imperial Ecclesiastical Academy of the Roman Catholic Church.

It is a stunning revelation of Jews’ malignant narcissism — their belief in themselves as special, superior to all peoples; and their venomous hatred of Jesus Christ, Christians, and Christianity.

The Talmud also instructs Jews to lie to non-Jews or Gentiles, just as Muslims can lie with impunity (Taqiyya). A must-read for us in the 21st century who have been brainwashed to treat Jews as sacred cows by never thinking or saying anything critical about Jews because doing so would automatically label us as racist “anti-Semites”.

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Top Rabbi Exposes Jewish Racism!


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