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The Illusion Of Bernie SandersA Disappointed Barack Obama Voter Warns Those Supporting The Illusion Of Bernie Sanders

By Carey Wedler


Comrade Bernie Sanders Is A Creepy Warmonger Just Like Hillary Clinton And The Zionist Neocons

Bizarre Oddities: Criminal Hillary Clinton Is Having A Hard Time Beating Deadbeat, Part-Time Pornographer Like Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders Spent $9.03 Per Vote And Lost, Donald Trump Spent $0.13 Per Vote in New York And Won

Bernie Sanders Still Kissing Israeli Butt, Suspends Honest Female Jew That Said Fu#k You Bibi Netanyahu

Being A Slave To Jews Is Not Cool Idiots! So Bernie Sanders’ Socialism Isn’t Cool You Dumb Fu#ks!

Bernie Sanders Calls Israel’s War In Gaza “Disproportionate”, But He Still Supports Mass Murdering Israel!

Human Rights Advocate Ken O´Keefe Calls Bernie Sanders A Fu#king Zionist! Donald Trump Is The Best Option

Zionist Nut Bernie Sanders Still Supports Israel Even After Admitting They Kill Civilians, Blow Up Hospitals & Schools

Bernie Sanders And His Cult Of The Stupid, Drunk And Brain Dead – Bolshevik Jews Biggest Mass Murderers In History

Comrade Bernie Sanders Will Raise Your Taxes, Make You A Slave To Zionist Jewish Power?

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