Senator Takes On Crazy Politicians That Our Borrowing The United States Into Enslavement

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The Four Words NEVER Heard In Washington


by Daily Bail

The U.S. national debt is currently just short of $19.25 trillion. We become more indebted to the tune of $12,000 every second and approximately $1.3 billion every day

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 2.23.21 PMSenator David Perdue (R) with wisdom on the debt, deficits, Social Security, Medicare, and the looming timebomb of more than $100 billion in unfunded liabilities. Perdue explains that all of discretionary spending is borrowed. Every last dollar. The whole enchilada. And that includes $500 billion of borrowed greenbacks for the military every year.

Here are the four words that no one in congress will say:

“We CAN’T afford it.”

The debt is expected to grow by $9 trillion over the next ten years. Perdue is a first-time Senator from Georgia with no relation to the Perdue chicken empire.

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