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Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 12.52.49 PMRemember When Barack Obama Said Adding $4 Trillion To The National Debt Was Unpatriotic? It Is Now $19.27 Trillion. Obama should be arrested at once!

Source: http://dailybail.com/home/1900000000000000obama.html


We will start to threaten the $20 trillion level on U.S. government debt later this year. The national debt is currently just short of $19.27 trillion. We become more indebted to the tune of $12,000 every second and approximately $1.3 billion every day.

The debt was exactly $10.63 trillion on the day Obama took office.  The latest calculation from Treasury shows the debt has now hit $19.26 trillion.  This is by far the largest increase in debt under any U.S. president in our history. For comparison, the national debt increased $4.9 trillion during the eight-year presidency of George W. Bush, and he is the 2nd worst debt-offender behind Obama.

U.S. Debt Clock: http://www.usdebtclock.org/


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