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Israel The Most Evil Place On The Planet: Israeli Forces Abuse Detained Palestinian Minors
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Human Rights Watch say it has documented several new cases of abuse by Israeli security forces against youngsters in Palestine. It claims that Israeli police ‘routinely interrogate children without a parent present, violating international and domestic Israeli laws’.

Shock Claim: The Ba’al Satanic Temples Being Built In The US And World Linked To Demonic Mass Murdering Israel

The Panama Papers Distractions: The Average Taxpayer Feels Ripped Off, Just Paying For Wars, Israel…

The Israeli Mossad Hit On JFK? The Real Story Of The JFK Assassination, The Missing Link

Will The Demonic Israeli Soldier That Shot The Wounded Palestinian In The Head Get Away With It?

Have You Heard The Story Of Israel Attacking A US Ship And Killing Americans?

Spoof: Racist Israel Needs A Visit From The New Cartoon Anti-Racist Hitler
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