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Bizarre Oddities: Kosher Foods Makes You Fat, Deformed, Unhealthy And Satanic?

By Jack Allen (FYI, I Love All Humans, Unless They Try To Kill Me Or Control Me)

I am no longer programed! I don’t watch Zionist controlled TV shows, news or movies. I don’t read Zionist run newspapers or magazines. I don’t listen to music forced upon me by Zionist owned music distribution.

It’s all propaganda to me!

I do not vote for Republicans or Democrats because to me they are both part of The Satanic Zionist Party that loves Death, Evil, Zionist Wars and the Antichrist! Israel seems to be the seat of the Antichrist! Just follow the evil!

I don’t eat food marked Kosher and I don’t spray my land with Monsanto products. If a food item is marked as Kosher, I view it as tainted, poisoned, contaminated and controlled! I don’t buy it or consume it! Kosher slaughter of an animal is the cruelest of any form of killing of an animal: Scientists claim kosher and halal animal slaughter is ‘inhumane and cruel.


After giving up all Kosher marked foods, that are normally processed food items (even if they are marked NON-GMO or Organic) I noticed my health improved, energy level improved, sex drive improved and my weight and my slimmer youthful body shape went back to my high school days. Even got back my washboard stomach

I tried Gluten Free and sticking to an all Non-GMO food product diet before going Kosher free and did not get results until I went 100% Kosher Free. Kosher Free worked for me and I make sure I don’t even touch Kosher marked foods.

After being gone from the United States for a few years, I came back to the States and was shocked that most US Americans seemed to be extremely overweight and even somewhat deformed. All age groups seemed unhealthy. Is Kosher foods the common denominator with all the health problems and obesity in The United States? It makes me wonder and I believe tests need to take place by independent third parties to see if this is a valid problem and health concern. I will of course avoid all Kosher products because it is working for me. I also don’t like that Kosher marking are an indication of a food tax placed by people that should not be around our food. The money they collect may go to to the mass murdering State of Israel, and I don’t want to be a part of that Satanic evil. So many innocent children, women and men have been killed by these Rothschild Israeli Godless freaks.

I am not Jewish so to me a Rabbi can be very scary! I really don’t want someone that sucked the blood from a baby boy’s penis near my food that I might consume. Pure Satanic evil in my opinion.

Excerpt From The Book : The Myth of German Villainy By Benton L. Bradberry

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 8.18.52 PM

Perverted Rabbi explains the importance of sucking a boys penis after circumcision

After researching real history I uncovered that the biggest mass murderers in history were Jewish, I wanted to stop buying Kosher until I understood the history of Kosher.

Shocking Video Below


Look at this: Satanic Israelis torturing non-Jewish children.

Source: Australian documentary film. Viewer discretion.

The 666 Holocaust Scheme – The Greatest Lie Ever Told


Another Shocking Video: The Satanic Kosher Seal Revealed



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The Following Info Sourced From Ground Zero Media: In ancient times it was believed that spirits or even demons could possess food. The demons would then accompany other demonic ne’er do wells.

Spirits of fatigue, fatigue unto death, tired, overtired, overtired unto death, weakness, and weakness unto death are very common demons. Physicians most often cannot identify the real source of the problem; consequently they experiment with different medications in an effort to relieve the patient of the embarrassing distress of constant drowsiness, tiredness, fatigue and sleepiness. Medications often further complicate things by producing adverse reactions that cause additional discomfort.

Even in The Book of John, Chapter 13, we find that the account of the Last Supper reveals that Jesus took a piece of bread and dipped it into animal juices. This bread was called a “sop.” He gave it Judas. The sop was possessed by Satan.

Jesus answered, He it is, to whom I shall give a sop, when I have dipped it. And when he had dipped the sop, he gave it to Judas Iscariot, the son of Simon. And after the sop Satan entered into him. Then said Jesus unto him, That thou doest, do quickly.

It is then that the possessed morsel of food caused Judas to go into a frenzy and he later betrayed Jesus.

Anciently, the waters of the sacrament and the baptism had to be exorcised before the ritual. Also, besides the rendering of thanks, the blessing said over food before meals has been understood since ancient times as a sort of exorcism. In patristic thought, the entire world is under the power of the evil and that the evil surroundings of where the food is prepared could possess the food.

Many Christian families still pray over their food.

Porphyry, called “the most learned of all the pagan philosophers,” says that demons like to attach themselves to the dwellings of men, particularly our food. He writes:

Every house also is full of them, and on this account, when they are going to call down the gods; they purify the house first, and cast these demons out. Our bodies also are full of them, for they especially delight in certain kinds of food. So when we are eating they approach and sit close to our body; and this is the reason of the purifications, not chiefly on account of the gods, but in order that these evil demons may depart.

Most people know of, or have heard of, “kosher food.” This is supposed to be food which, in the case of livestock, is slaughtered in such a way as to be “holy.” However there are processes that also have to be carried out for drinks as well.

To this day, Jewish rabbis are called in to bless the food we consume. Many of them are called into factories and places where foods are processed in order to bless the machinery and the ingredients that are use in preparation of the food. The food is then packaged and is given a “kosher” seal.

In order for a grocery product to be certified as “kosher”, it must carry a little “U” inside a circle, called a “Kosher Logo,” somewhere on its packaging.

This symbol is issued by the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America (the “Orthodox Union”) which is the sole and exclusive owner of the OU “Kosher Logo.”

In order to use this symbol, a product manufacturer must apply to the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America for certification to “ensure” that their manufacturing process is “Kosher” and meets all the Jewish dietary standards.

Other Kosher symbols used on packaging are a letter K in a circle, triangle, in a star, or diamond. Everyone in the United States has food packaged, blessed, sealed and approved by an orthodox rabbi. If the rabbinical union certifies it is kosher it meets the criteria of the Jewish health law.

What’s Behind The Kosher Scam? Is Is A Precursor To The Mark Of The Beast



Kosher symbols

Kosher symbols

More kosher symbols

More kosher symbols

Science tells us that the great Louis Pasteur annihilated the belief that there were demons in our food. He said that there were no devils or demons in food only germs. However a contemporary of Pasteur named Antoine Beauchamp strongly maintained that germs would absorb any and all influences that existed in the foods surroundings. This included toxic back grounds, negative energies, and chaotic atmospheres. He believed that food responded negatively to loud noise and negative human emotion.

He also maintained that microorganisms could be channeled or conjured into food from dark areas. Anyone who ingested the food tainted with the possessed microorganism would become very sick and their bowels would be turned to water.

It was maintained by both Pasteur and Beauchamp that dairy products mainly milk, even after the pasteurizing process was unfit for the human spirit. Milk would be known to putrefy in the large intestine and gave rise to unpleasant microorganisms that appear to cause a form of a trance or possessive state.

They also warned that aspirin was capable of throwing someone into a mild depression. It also made the patient susceptible to liver toxemia. Beauchamp eventually played down so called demon theories about food, but did not deny that microscopic living creatures called “microzymes” danced on our food when placed in open air.

A brief obituary in the British Medical Journal noted that Beauchamp’s name was “associated with bygone controversies as to priority which it would be unprofitable to recall.”

So are we to believe that Beauchamp secretly held beliefs to his death that perhaps demons still had the power to possess food? Was a microzyme simply a euphemism that he created to mean “demon”?

In the modern day, Beauchamp’s work continues to be promoted by a small fringe of alternative medicine proponents (also known as germ theory denialists), including advocates of alternative theories of cancer who dismiss Pasteur’s germ theory and argue that Beauchamp’s ideas were unjustly ignored. They accuse Pasteur of plagiarizing and then suppressing Beauchamp’s work, citing work such as Ethel Douglas Hume’s Beauchamp or Pasteur: A Lost Chapter in the History of Biology from the 1920s.

In present day the idea of possessed foods is seldom talked about because of the precautions we have made with pasteurization, blessing, and other rituals.

It is also considered a superstitious folly to believe that food can be possessed or considered tainted by its surroundings.

However there are now researchers that have discovered that the plants we eat are affected by their surroundings.

Researchers in plant neurobiology are saying that in many cases plants are fully aware of what their purpose is and are affected by music, laughter, anger and other emotional dysfunction. Apples for example suffer pain and are still living while they are being eaten off of a tree. Scientists have shown that plants like Broccoli have a nervous system. Fruits and vegetables we now are learning have ways of taking all the sensory data they gather in their everyday lives … integrate it and then behave in an appropriate way in response. And they do this without brains, which is, because we automatically assume you need a brain to process information.

Vegetables, fruits and plants hear without ears.

Plants have all the same senses as humans, and then some. In addition to hearing, taste, for example, they can sense gravity, the presence of water, or even feel that an obstruction is in the way of its roots, before coming into contact with it. Plant roots will shift direction, if there is something in their way.

They don’t have nerve cells like humans, but they do have a system for sending electrical signals and even produce neurotransmitters, like dopamine, serotonin and other chemicals the human brain uses to send signals.

They also have memory.

With the trend towards GMO vegetables and foods there is yet another worry that perhaps foods are becoming victims to a bit of Demonic Tattering.

Some health officials are claiming that GMOs once again may be playing a part in the obesity trend. A study published in the International Journal of Biological Sciences has shown that GM foods are contributing to the obesity epidemic and increasing cases of organ damage. GM corn fed to mice increased their body weight by about 3.7%. This is the first scientific report on the comparative analysis of blood and organ system data. The increase in body fat was accompanied by an increase in the weight of the liver which went up by 11%.

We also know that genetically-modified food stuffs are now being used for breakfast cereals and they are being introduced into the food supply. Is it any wonder that our bodies may respond negatively to the toxicity, bloating, reflux, cancers they are all in the picture now and there is no explanation, except that humans are not supposed to live as long as they do. The quality of life the foods we consume are beginning to diminish. Many times now we have heard of people dying in their mid 40’s, or children who have juvenile diabetes, or develop pertussis, or autism, or worse.

It is the food we eat and the dugs we consume to give us an excuse to become fatter, sexually inert and unhealthy. People take pills. Their bodies absorb some of the medication, but the rest of it passes through and is flushed down the toilet. The wastewater is treated before it is discharged into reservoirs, rivers or lakes. Then, some of the water is cleansed again at drinking water treatment plants and piped to consumers. But most treatments do not remove all drug residues. No matter what we do, whatever we consume, whatever pills we take we all seem to be failing.

The question is whether or not demonic tattering is truly superstition or have we released the bound spirit through genetically modified foods and plants?

There is one disorder of possession that this GMO tend has released and that is a strange eating disorder called “orthorexia nervosa.”

Orthorexia nervosa is not currently recognized as a clinical diagnosis in the DSM-5, but many people struggle with symptoms associated with this term.

Those who have an “unhealthy obsession” with otherwise healthy eating may be suffering from “orthorexia nervosa,” a term which literally means “fixation on righteous eating.” Orthorexia starts out as an innocent attempt to eat more healthfully, but orthorexics become fixated on food quality and purity. They become consumed with what and how much to eat, and how to deal with “slip-ups.” An iron-clad will is needed to maintain this rigid eating style. Every day is a chance to eat right, be “good,” rise above others in dietary prowess, and self-punish if temptation wins, usually through stricter eating, fasts and exercise. Self-esteem becomes wrapped up in the purity of orthorexics’ diet and they sometimes feel superior to others, especially in regard to food intake.

Orthorexics’ become so obsessed with food that they will read the labels of everything they eat. If there is something in the list that does not sound healthy the food is rejected.

Eventually food choices become so restrictive, in both variety and calories, that health suffers – an ironic twist for a person so completely dedicated to healthy eating. Eventually, the obsession with healthy eating can crowd out other activities and interests, impair relationships, and become physically dangerous.

Orthorexia appears to be motivated by health, but there are underlying motivations, which can include safety from poor health, compulsion for complete control, escape from fears, wanting to be thin, seeking to improve self-esteem, searching for spirituality through food, and using food to create an identity.

They say it begins with being overly concerned about food quality, namely food Paranoia. Then everything you eat becomes suspect, and you begin to wonder if your food is killing you.

It seems that Demonic Tattering is making a slow comeback.

We are what we eat.

Secrets of the Hidden Kosher Mark & The Rabbinical Tax



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