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Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 7.56.01 PMTrends Forecaster Gerald Celente talks about the Bernie Sanders movement and how they continually disrupt other people’s rallies rather than hold their own.


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By admin

3 thoughts on “Gerald Celente talks about the Bernie Sanders’ Big Mouth Clowns And The Blood On Bill Clinton’s Hands”
  1. All I keep hearing is how anti-globalist Donald Trump is and how he’s the only real candidate. If you asked me the whole entire human run system is rigged and the only way we’re ever going to see a substantive change for the better is when God actually steps in and sets matters straight.

    But back to my former point for just a minute. If Donald Trump is so anti-globalist and against the mob of control and conformity, then why did he openly state that he backs the FBI in their attempt to force Apple to create back-door access to its system?!——-How is that really anti-global?!

    Everyone knows what a foolhardy argument it is that our privacy should be sacrificed to maintain security, so why would he back such a cause, if he were in fact really against the establishment and the social upheaval in which they stand for?

    If you ask me, I will again go back to my other point——-God is the only real entity that can effect the change we need. Our history has proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that all human attempts to govern our lives in true peace and prosperity, have in fact failed abysmally and that we haven’t seen improvements to our ways of life but instead drastic and disheartening changes to this world.

    Moral decline is on the rise as well as poverty and human health issues and yet we continue to cling to the idea that maybe, just maybe there’s one human being that can stem this downward trend and usher in a true change for the better. We constantly search for it while we wait anxiously for the ‘Wizard of Oz’ to reveal himself. But what many of us fail to realize is that what we’re in fact pushing for is Satan the Devil and his demonic influence over the world…

    Remember, it was Satan whom was cast out of Heaven to the earth after he caused Adam & Eve to rebel against God, and we’ve seen untold injustices take place here ever since.

    God foretold the destruction of the wicked, Satanically-controlled elements of this world, when He told the prophet Ezekiel that ‘Gog of Magog’ “…will be brought to nothing.”

    We’re getting closer to that time, which is why it is now more important than ever, to separate ourselves from this Satanic world as much as possible so that we are not swept away with these wicked forces that currently rule this world. God will protect us but we must listen to His voice and that of His son Jesus…

    “Go in through the narrow gate, because broad is the gate and spacious is the road leading off into destruction, and many are going in through it; whereas narrow is the gate and cramped the road leading off into life, and few are finding it. Be on the watch for the false prophets who come to you in sheep’s covering, but inside they are ravenous wolves. By their fruits you will recognize them…” (Mt 7:13-16)

    “Look out that nobody misleads you, for many will come on the basis of my name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will mislead many.” (Mt 24:4,5)

    “Look! I have forewarned you. Therefore if people say to you, ‘Look! He is in the wilderness,’ do not go out; ‘Look! He is in the inner rooms,’ do not believe it. For just as the lightening comes out of the east and shines over to the west, so the presences of the Son of man will be. Wherever the carcass is, there the eagles will be gathered together.” (Mt 24:25-28)

    “Concerning that day and hour nobody knows, neither the angels of the heavens nor the Son, but only the Father.” (Mt 24:36)

    “But know one thing: If the householder had known in what watch the thief was coming, he would have kept awake and not allowed his house to be broken into. On this account, you too prove yourselves ready, because the Son of Man is coming at an hour that you do not think to be it.” (Mt 24:43,44)

    “Keep on the watch, therefore, because you know neither the day nor the hour.” (Mt 25:13)

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