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Face The Lie - Why Are You Still Trusting A Politician, Haven't They Always Lied To Us?

Politicians Are Bribed To Put Israel and The Zionist's Agenda and Wars First
Politicians Are Bribed To Put Israel and The Zionist’s Agenda and Wars First.

Face The Lie – Why Are You Still Trusting A Politician, Haven’t They Always Lied To Us?

JFK stood up to the Anti-American evil forces and even was getting the United States away from the central bank scheme. All other recent Presidents serve a different master now and it is not the American people. We are just debt slaves to this sick global scheme.


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It seems that most recent US Presidents and other western leaders are selected and not really elected. They all seem to put Israel’s agenda above the people’s needs and wants.

JFK Kennedy warned us and of course we know what happened to him.
Video Below: JFK Speech On Secret Societies




Gaddafi says JFK was assassinated by Israel – Gaddafi was assassinated as well

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JFK, Executive Order 11110


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