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[corner-ad id=1]Another Epic Fail For CNN, They Attacked Donald Trump Over Truth Advocate Dr David Duke
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David Duke Responds to CNN – Speaks to Trump & All Americans

By Jack Allen

Why did CNN not mention Jewish Supremacy groups? Jewish supremacy is huge around the world and these people that follow the Talmud think that all non-Jews are less than animals and have a right to tax these Goyim (non-Jews), steal from these Goyim, use these goyim for their wars and kill these Goyim. The Talmud is the most Satanic and evil thing ever written. For CNN to make something out about David Duke’s past is insane. David Duke was in the KKK 40 years ago. Now Dr David Duke is a successful author and has a successful radio show. He also was a popular Congressman. The Zionist controlled CNN continues to show their media bias and their Zionist agenda. Have you heard CNN say anything about Bernie Sander’s crazed Communist past, do they not say anything about Sanders because he happens to be a Jewish?
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