Planes without Passengers: The Faked Hijackings of 9/11 (2nd Edition)

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  • Read one of the first books to identify one of the major flaws of the official 9/11 theory: the issue of passenger planes. Author Dean T. Hartwell articulates with irrefutable logic that no passenger planes were hijacked on 9/11 and that no passenger planes struck any buildings.

    This theory is based primarily upon two facts: (1) the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS), which maintains information on all commercial flights in the United States, in its original form stated clearly that while United 175 and United 93 were scheduled and flew, American 11 and American 77 did not and (2) ACARS, a system much like electronic mail and GPS, shows that United 175 and United 93 were flying over the Midwestern part of the United States long after their supposed “crashes” on the east coast.         

    In July 2015, Dean T. Hartwell has expanded his analysis of 9/11 to include new information in “Was 9/11 a Movie?” NOW AVAILABLE!

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