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Armenian and Ukrainian Holocausts That The Jews DidKilling Palestinians! Israel Creating Another Holocaust Like The Armenian and Ukrainian Holocausts That The Jews Did

Rothschild’s Israel cuts water supplies to occupied West Bank

Rothschild’ Israel cuts water supplies to major areas of the occupied-West Bank, leaving tens of thousands of fasting Palestinians in desperate need of water during the month of Ramadan.
Israeli water company Mekorot has stopped providing water to the entire governorate of Jenin, several Nablus villages and the city of Salfit and its surrounding villages. Palestinian officials say the water was cut without prior notice and people have started rationing water in some areas. Palestinians now have to buy water from water tanks, but many families cannot afford it. Mekorot company is the main water supplier to all Palestinian cities, towns and villages. Israelis, including settlers, use five times more water than Palestinians in the occupied West Bank.

Political Commentator Richard Silverstein believes Israel has cut water supplies to the West Bank as part of Tel Aviv’s power grab policy in the occupied territories.




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