Forced Multiculturalism On European Developed Nations Causing The Growth Of The Soldiers of Odin?

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Soldiers Of Odin Protecting Their Women And Nations From Rap

James King for Vocativ reports the Soldiers of Odin have established 42 state chapters in the U.S. since February, and now the (Zionist Crimes Cover-Up Gate-Keeper agency) Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Extremism is taking notice. King writes, About a dozen people dressed in all black gathered on a street corner in a Denver suburb to conduct their first “patrol.”

Estonia: ‘Soldiers of Odin’ hold torch-lit march in Tallinn

Does This Alarming Cartoon Explain The Multiculturalism Agenda?
Norway: Anti-refugee Soldiers of Odin patrol in Stavanger “to help the police”

Soldiers of Odin marssi Tampereella 27.2.2016 (S.O.O march in Tampere, Finland)


‘Soldiers of Odin’ anti-immigrant group spreads from Finland to Norway – Look How The Uk’s Zionist run Mail Online spins the group by playing the NAZI card.

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