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The Real New World OrderExposing the Jew World Order – Jewish So Called-Elite Are Enemies Of Christianity & All Humanity

By Dr David Duke

I believe it absolutely vital for Christians to understand that the Jewish establishment is the greatest enemy of Jesus Christ and of Christians ON EARTH. Any Christian who defends, promotes or supports the Jewish elite are themselves enemies of Christianity as well as being enemies of all Europeans on the planet and of all humanity!

Please be clear that I don’t see Trump as any savior, but it must be obvious now that Trump is not intended to get Hillary elected, the truth is the other candidates more in the mold of Romney is what would get Hillary elected. The most important thing to me is that Trump has made Americans finally focus on our most critical issue facing us, the existential threat of mass immigration. He has also openly opposed these globalists and Neocons and his candidacy itself has caused these Jewish traitors who expose themselves to millions of Americans as total Jewish supremacists who are only concerned about Jewish power.


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