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The Goyim (Inferior To Jews) Are Brainwashed To Hate On Cue By The Zionist Media

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By Jack Allen

Are people brainwashed by media? I am not exactly a big Donald Trump fan but I can tell you he is not racist and he has people from all walks of life that support him. On the other hand Barack Obama drone kills innocent people daily! Why are people not in the streets demanding his arrest? The answer is Zionist controlled media! What is good for the Zionist agenda is covered-up or promoted.

Watch this video!

Bernie vs Trump, Who is more Violent! (Social Experiment)

After watching this video, you can tell that the average person in America is a sponge and they follow like good sheep and will do what they are told to do?

Of course supporting a Socialist Nut like Bernie Sanders is insanity. Five minutes of research will show that Socialism is a tool of Jews to control the masses like Communism was. Jewish Communism and Stalin’s Bolshevik Jews were the biggest mass murders in history, did you know that?

Watch This!


Watch this video, so called Christians want to kill off Muslims. What would Jesus do? He would not want to kill off innocent people! These so called Christians are brainwashed by Zionist controlled Preachers.

FYI, Zionists Have Brainwashed The American People – Hey Idiot You Are Being Fu#king Mind Controlled!

Hollywood Basterds by David Duke
A Israeli Lobby Controls US Politicians. Is that a good thing?


God told me I own your land and I will move in tomorrow!!

Is This all About a Jewish Antichrist Controlling The Earth? Watch This!



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