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Bernie Sanders And His Cult Of The Stupid, Drunk And Brain Dead – FYI – Bolshevik Jews Were The Biggest Mass Murderers In History

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 7.56.21 PM
Drunk And Stupid Bernie Sanders’ Supporter
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Drunk And Stupid Hillary Clinton And Bernie Sanders’ Supporter
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Drunk And Stupid Hillary Clinton And Bernie Sanders’ Supporter

By Jack Allen

Bernie Sanders is a Jewish Socialist and Socialism like Communism was a Jewish creation to control the masses. Jewish communism and Stalin’s Bolshevik Jews were the biggest mass murderers in history. Today we have people so brainwashed by Zionist controlled media and the Zionist controlled education system that they are willing to vote for a Crazy Socialist like Bernie Sanders that supports the Genocide in GAZA or support someone like Hillary Clinton that has engaged in criminal deception and murderous policies that a normal person would say are crimes against humanity. Hillary also supports the mass murdering State of Israel. But so does Ted Cruz and maybe even Donald Trump. We live in Crazyville!

Rob Dew interviews people on the streets of Appleton Wisconsin about how they feel about Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.


Human Rights Advocate Ken O´Keefe Calls Bernie Sanders A Fu#king Zionist! Donald Trump Is The Best Option | SOMICOM

Bernie Sanders is like Obama a Craven Puppet of Racist Israel

Bernie Sanders’ Socialism = The Jewish Bolshevik Revolution


Lots Of Americans Are Brainwashed By Zionist Controlled Mass Media!


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