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Get Healthy And LEGALLY Avoid Paying Taxes On Food And Medicine

Grow Your Own Food
Grow Your Own Food

By Jack Allen

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 8.38.51 PMThe cost of your food gets inflated by federal taxes, state taxes as well as even the Kosher Tax that most people are unaware they pay everyday. If you see a “U”,”K” or any other Kosher marks on your food or other products a Rabbi collected or extorted money for certifying that these products are Kosher. Most people could, care less if a product is Kosher, plus some view Kosher as tainted food because some Rabbis engage in a blood ritual that involves a Rabbi sucking the blood from a baby boy’s penis during a circumcision. Not the kind of thing I want around my food, also some funds that the Rabbis collect can go to Israel where they engage in crimes against humanity by enslaving and killing children, women and men in Palestine. So an option to avoid buying taxed and tainted food is to grow your own. Here is a report from Mike Adams on how you can grow your own food, even if you live in an apartment,


Kosher Tax Scam
Kosher Tax Scam
WTF? Is Toilet Cleaning Products Kosher? Why are these products marked Kosher? Answer: The Kosher Tax Scam On The Unsuspecting Goyim!
WTF? Is Your Toilet Cleaning Products Kosher? Why are these products marked Kosher? Answer: The Kosher Tax Scam Is On Anything The Unsuspecting Goyim will foolishly buy!

Video By Mike Adams – The Health Ranger

The Health Ranger explains how to legally avoid paying taxes on a good portion of your food and medicine.

You can save a small fortune using this method while also preventing disease, boosting your nutritional intake and becoming a whole lot more

All the solutions recommended in this podcast are listed with links at:


Stop throwing money away on your food and medicine! Learn how to save a fortune, work less, eat better, prevent disease, live happier and healthier and be self-reliant, all at the same time!

Hear all the Health Ranger’s podcasts at http://HealthRangerReport.com

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