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Comrade Bernie Sanders
Comrade Bernie Sanders

Communist Democrat Comrade Bernie Sanders Says He’d Ignore Congress Over Immigration, Use Executive Orders

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Hillary Is Scary But Bernie Is A Crazy Communist

Bernie Sanders is a Bolshevik Nut? A Socialist Nut, Or Just A Communist?

Remember Stalin’s Jewish Bolsheviks killed over 66 million innocent mostly Christian people in Zionist Occupied Russia before WW2.

Being a Communist or a Bolshevik in 2016 makes you one very evil clueless fool

Communism = Poverty, Slavery And Mass Murder

Bolshevism = Poverty, Slavery And Mass Murder

Socialism = Poverty, Slavery And Mass Murder

Angry Bernie Freaks-Out For His Support For Mass-Murdering Israel! We Should Assume Racist Israel Will Be His Priority

Bernie Sander is one creepy Communist Nut Job, he also supports the Seemingly Satanic Mass Murdering State Of Israel. Satan and Stalin would hang out with Bernie

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The Dangers of Bolshevism and Communism


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The Largest Ethnic Cleansing in History.

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