Anti-Trump Protesters Rally, But Don’t Care About Obama’s Drone Murders Or Zionist Mass Murders?

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Anti-Trump Protesters Rally In Albuquerque, But Don't Care About Obama's Drone Murders Or Zionist Mass Murders?Anti-Trump Protesters Rally In Albuquerque, But Don’t Care About Obama’s Drone Murders Or Zionist Mass Murders?

Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never harm me. But Obama’s Drones Kill You Dead just like Zionist Wars do.

By Jack Allen

So these braindead people may support serial liar and murderer Hillary Clinton or Comrade Bernie Sander the Bolshevik Jew that thinks bringing back Jewish Communism that was responsible for the most mass murders in history is better than some of Trumps words. These people are freaking insane beyond measure. The Zionist Jews today are the biggest mass murders of our time, these fools should go protest the Zionist controlled Central Banks that finances all the Zionist Wars. I guess these idiots are okay with Obama’s Drone murders, where it is claimed he mass murders up to 280 people per day. I hate stupid people that follow like this. I would bet they are paid protesters, like the ones that were staged for the fake Osama bin Laden murder to help Barack Obama get re-elected. You would think Press TV knows these things. Iran TV almost sounds like Zionist controlled media here today.


Video Below: Hillary Clinton Implicated In Benghazi Murders
Video Below: Navy Seals Ensnared In Bin Laden Death Hoax

Mass Murderer Obama

Who Does Obama Mass Murder For? Obama Kills 875 People Per Week

Russian Protest Video: Obama Kills 875 People Per Week

The anti-Obama propaganda fills the streets and universities in Russia.

This video was released this week by Russian students.

STOP OBAMA! Студенты России призывают остановить Барака Обаму


Video Below: Obama = killer? Activists put provocative banner opposite US embassy in Moscow

Video Below: ‘Obama Killer No.1’: Activist Video Slams US President

Related Video: Obama:”I Am Really Good At Killing People”

The Russians should know what evil and mass murder is because they had the same evil that is behind Obama in charge or their government at one time. The same evil is now pushing the US and the West to go to war with Russia. Get the answer of who that EVIL is by watching the videos below.

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