Jewish Whistleblowers Say Zionists Are Behind Wars, Mass Murders, GMOs, One World Order And Even Food Take Over


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    Monsanto’s Zionist Bedfellows (Please Note Story Was First Published Dec 30, 2010)

    By Brother Nathanael (Former Jew Turned Christian)

    The Senate rammed through the S-510 Food Safety Bill while Americans were sleeping as a rider to the “Cash for Clunkers” Bill.

    Obeying their corporate master, Monsanto Corporation, Capitol Hill’s new Food Bill has all the earmarks of being written by Monsanto’s former Vice President, Michael Taylor.

    Taylor is now the FDA’s Commissioner for Foods where he is supervising the coming torrent of Monsanto’s genetically modified foods (GMO’s) into the American marketplace.

    Taylor is guided by his overseers, Zionist Jews Dr Margaret Hamburg and Dr Joshua Sharfstein who head the FDA’s governing department, the Office of Commissioners.

    Hamburg, known as a “bioterrorism” expert, contributed to the creation of the Senate Committee for Homeland Security led by her Jewish colleague, Talmudic Jew, Senator Joseph Lieberman.

    And Sharfstein, former adviser to Jewish Senator Henry Waxman, is currently overseeing efforts to prevent labeling of Monsanto’s toxic GMO foods since they are currently recognized by the FDA as “GRAS,” that is, “Generally Recognized As Safe” which means it only kills 50% of the rats!

    Now, the revolving door between public officials such as Michael Taylor of the FDA and Monsanto is alarming.

    For example, a Dr. Michael A. Friedman, a Jew, was a Commissioner of the FDA before he was hired as senior Vice President of Monsanto.

    But there’s a global component to the Food Bill which is part of the Judaic World Order.

    Louis Dreyfus International, a Jewish multi-national agricultural firm, with offices throughout America and across the globe, now exports Monsanto’s GMO seeds into Europe as a prelude to the coming flood of Monsanto’s toxic seeds into the American market place.

    This Zionist global food beast will soon include Lieberman’s Homeland Security with the creation of a global food-safety standard as dictated by the S-510 Food Bill.

    This is in addition to the Food Bill granting Homeland Security the right to police and shut down small farmers if they dare to use heirloom-seeds rather than buying Monsanto’s GMO toxic seeds.

    The authority over “buying and selling” the foods we eat will now be in the hands of Talmudic Jew, Joseph Lieberman and his Zionist global colleagues. And that’s scary.

    Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m going to start growing my own.

    And Monsanto and their Zionist Bedfellows can take their Food Bill and shove it!