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Is Lack Of Trust In The Gov Fueling Illuminati Killed Paul Walker Stories?

Is Lack Of Trust In The Gov Fueling Illuminati Killed Paul Walker Stories?

Is Lack Of Trust In The Gov Fueling Illuminati Killed Paul Walker Stories?

Does surveillance camera footage show a drone missile or a light pole?

There’s more excitement and outrage over Paul Walker’s death amongst so-called ‘conspiracy theorists’ than the death of Michael Hastings, which is totally bizarre because unlike Paul Walker, there was actually a motive behind the notion that Hastings was murdered.

But at the end of the day people should do their own research if they want and anyone that thinks they have the right to say what is a conspiracy or not is full of garbage in my opinion. This is the same gate-keeper BS that some accuse MSM of doing.

Paul Walker’s death is more than likely an accident but he could also have been murdered to cause a distraction or maybe just old fashion greed to push movie sales. The jury is still out if people want to investigate the death more, that is their right and making them look foolish is the same as the Big Brother Government & Controlled Media’s way of doing things.
Video: Paul Walker – The Skulls Movie CLIP – Challenge to a Duel (2000)


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