New Album Release: “Strange Truth” by The Truth Tale

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  • New Album Release: "Strange Truth" by The Truth Tale
    New Album Release: “Strange Truth” by The Truth Tale

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    The Truth Tale Web Site

    Strange Truth Songs Artist Time



    Yes It’s Morning The Truth Tale 3:40  View In iTunes

    Scary Mary The Truth Tale 3:31  View In iTunes

    So La Di Da My Baby The Truth Tale 3:00  View In iTunes

    Living on the Edge The Truth Tale 3:02  View In iTunes

    Who’s That Mystery Girl The Truth Tale 3:40  View In iTunes

    Get Out of My Face The Truth Tale 4:35  View In iTunes

    Happy Lane The Truth Tale 3:05  View In iTunes

    How Can I Explain This? The Truth Tale 3:40  View In iTunes

    Remember the Casino in Reno The Truth Tale 3:50  View In iTunes

    Check Engine Light On The Truth Tale 4:40  View In iTunes

    I Had to Go The Truth Tale 3:40  View In iTunes

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